On Monday, we celebrate the workers holiday, Labor Day. While this year’s holiday is sure to be like no other, with no parades or barbecues, it is still important to remember and thank the workers who make society run.

This has been a tough year for everyone. The effects of COVID-19 have had a tremendous impact on our members and their family’s. Fortunately, our local has not lost a member to COVID-19, but sadly we recently did to an accident on the job. As our Labor Day holiday approaches, please take a moment to remember the loss of Brother Jody Terwilliger, LCTT member, and keep his family in your prayers. We should continue to remember all our members who lost their lives on the job  and continue our fight to make our workplaces safer from job hazards and from outside threats like COVID-19.

Labor Day also marks the end of summer for many. Our kids will return to school and the weather will get colder. As we continue on in 2020, I urge all Local 94 members to pay attention to the upcoming election. No matter which way you are voting, it is important for all union members to be engaged and voting. This shows our power as a labor movement. Do your best to research candidates and find out which ones really support working people.   

I hope that everyone has a Happy and Safe Labor Day. Enjoy your holiday.