The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework: President Biden negotiated with members of both parties is a chance to rebuild our country and create millions of good union jobs.

  • Modernize the grid
  • Expand broadband access
  • Install 500,000 EV chargers
  • Invest in American manufacturing
  • Repair and upgrade our rail network
  • Support U.S.-built ships

Tree Trimmer/WRS member benefits (Not for PSE&G employees):

  • Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) from Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NJ for the Local 94 Health & Welfare Fund.  SBC is for Tree Trimmer/WRS member benefits (Not for PSE&G employees)
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Health and Welfare Summary Plan Description

Opioid Mandate Rider

COVID-19 Coronavirus resources for New Jersey working men & women
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Selling, buying or renting south of Trenton? Call a Union Guy.

IBEW Sandy Relief: Click here to donwload the form

Dr. Wasserman
Discount ($750.00) available to Local 94 members and their families for lasik surgery by Dr. Wasserman. Free evaluation.

Department of Labor. Links to information such as FMLA, Wages & Hours, State Labor Laws, Workers Comp, OSHA.

Links to information such as unemployment and state disability.

Link to IBEW website for legislative information, access to Hour Power and other International Updates.

General company information and online applications for employment.

Benefits Express
For PSEG members provides link to benefit administrator for medical, dental and investments.

Union Plus
Union Plus benefits for union members that includes access to all benefits available such as money/credit, insurance, legal services, travel/recreation, computers, etc.

Labor news, legislative voting records, sign on to volunteer for labor walks, register to vote (enter zip code to access your state).

NJ Labor news, legislative voting records, sign on to volunteer, register to vote in NJ.

First Choice
Discounted mortgage financing for all IBEW members.

Giordano Cummings Financial, LLC

Assisting PSEG employees with their retirement choices.  To attend a FREE educational workshop or schedule a FREE IPRO® (Independent Personal Retirement Overview) consultation, contact Robert J. Giordano or F. Brewer Cummings, CFP® at 973-775-9084 or

Union Plus Mortgage


Benefits include: Purchase or Refinance. Six (6) months mortgage paid by the AFL-CIO in case of unemployment, disabilty, or strike. No bank fees. $500 gift cards for 1st Time Homebuyers. Closing cost subsidys for up to $1500

Line Clearance Tree Trimmer Benefit Links:

  • CDM
    Information on Tree Trimmer Annuity Accounts.
  • Aetna
    Access information about your Aetna healthcare benefits, plus search for a provider in your area.
  • Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NJ
    Medical and dental benefits for Tree Trimmers
  • Eastern Dental
    Discount dental services available to all members

AFLAC Policy offer for members of Local 94 contained in attachment…

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance