IBEW Local 94, although being the largest, is not the only local union within PSEG in New Jersey.  UA Local 855 represents the largest number of gas workers on PSE&G property, UWUA 601 represents customer service representatives and meter readers and OPEIU 153 represents clerical and engineering technicians.

The Local Union office is located in Hightstown, New Jersey, just off Exit 8 on the New Jersey Turnpike. The office is centrally located for all locations within the state.

Local 94 has a staff of eight working full time. The President of the Local and six Business Agents, as well as a Clerical Administrator, are full-time employees. The Executive Board has nine representatives from all branches of the Local. In addition, the Local has Chief Stewards as well as Shop Stewards for individual departments and locations. The total number of union representatives is well over 150.

On this web site, you will find a list of the Officers and Executive Board members, Stewards and where they work. Please contact one of the Officers to find out who the Steward is for your location.


Your union steward is there to make sure that you are receiving all the benefits specified in our agreements. The union representatives will only know of an issue if you let them know one exists. Under the terms of the agreement, you are entitled to grievance and arbitration procedures. Give the Stewards the information and what you would like grieved as well as a resolution and they will process the issue from there.


Regularly monthly meetings allow our members to meet and speak directly with the officers, participate in group discussions, have individual problems and questions addressed, be informed of local policies and affairs, and vote on matters that affect the union. Your participation at these meetings allows us to maintain close ties with the membership and enables our union to work.


All union members must share in the cost of running a local union effectively. Union dues are collected monthly at the rate of one hour’s pay and twelve dollars (thirteen effective 1-1-07). Ten dollars (eleven as of 1-1-07) of your monthly dues is paid to the IBEW International. The local union receives the remainder of the dues.

The Local Union portion of the dues is used for negotiation and administration of the contract, officers salaries and benefits, payments to stewards, lost time wages, arbitration, steward training and court cases just to name a few.  In addition all IBEW locals are affiliated with and pay dues to the AFL-CIO in the state as well as Central Labor Councils and the National Safety Council.


The Local gives each member a calendar book, at the beginning of the year, gives retirees a IBEW Local 94 watch and sponsors social events such as golf tournaments, sports outings and a local union dinner dance honoring retirees. The Local also sends flowers or makes a donation on behalf of you or your family during a time of bereavement. Information on all local union events, including meetings, outings and dinners, will be posted on the Local 94 web site.


By being a member of the IBEW and the AFL-CIO there are additional benefits such as a union member credit card, union member mortgages, discounts of the purchase of union made goods such as computers, and the ability to consult an attorney for free and discounted rates for legal service. You can also find information on Union Plus programs at unionprivilege.org.


The Local requests that every member and every eligible voter in your household register to vote as well as taking the time to vote. Each state AFL-CIO has voter registrations available. A new voter registration must be filled out whenever you change residence or change marital status or a name change. Please take the time to keep your voter registration active.

Local 94 is very active politically. Many of the members, as well as the general public, feel that they do not have an impact on what happens in government. We have been fortunate in New Jersey to have a labor movement that is well organized under the direction of the New Jersey AFL-CIO and is gaining strength financially. To continue to increase our position with the elected representatives we must ask that the members contribute to the Local’s Committee On Political Education (COPE). A white COPE card is also enclosed is available from your Steward or by contacting the Local Union office. The choice is yours. Your donation helps the Local contribute to the elected officials that support working families, regardless of the party. The Local again encourages you to donate a small amount to help fight for your interests. A dollar a week would help greatly. The donations are not tax deductible, and cannot by law be taken out of dues money.


The goal of the Local is to do as much as we can to represent each IBEW member so you and your family can enjoy the benefit of union affiliation. All the Union Representatives of Local 94 encourage your participation whether as a representative or offering an opinion. Please get involved- it is your career.