Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Officers and Staff of IBEW Local 94 we want to take a minute and wish all our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving. For those fortunate enough to have the holiday off to spend with family and friends, enjoy and be safe. For anyone who is working, a special thanks for taking time away from your family and friends to support the 24/7 business of keeping the lights on.

Joseph W. Checkley
IBEW Local 94 – President/Business Manager

Local 94 Thanks All Of Our Veterans

Today 11/10, we have two very important things to be grateful for. First, Happy 248th Birthday, USMC! We celebrate the legacy of courage, honor, and dedication that the United States Marine Corps has upheld for nearly two and a half centuries. From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, Marines have defended freedom with unwavering resolve. To every Marine, past and present, thank you for your sacrifice and commitment to our great nation. Your bravery inspires us all. Second, the Observation of Veterans Day – We thank all Veterans for your service and sacrifices. We are forever grateful for your service.

Letter From IBEW Local 210 Regarding Their Strike

As of 11/4/2023 workers of Atlantic City Electric IBEW 210 will be on strike. “Our members are members of the community, not just employees of Atlantic City Electric (Exelon). We are volunteers in our firehouses, coaches of youth athletics, we are amongst the individuals supporting the local businesses and restaurants here in South Jersey where we all live.”

For years, Atlantic City Electric has pushed and separated its employees into tiers to break down the solidarity of our labor organization. But, it is not just the employees of Atlantic City Electric who have been impacted by the Corporate greed that affects our wages, our benefits, and our careers, but you as a paying customer are also affected by the same Corporate greed in your everyday lives. Your very own household feels the effects of Exelon’s big business mentality.

When you look at your electric bill, you don’t have to look hard to see exorbitant electric charges that have affected your checkbook. We pay those same bills. All of this while Atlantic City Electric has enjoyed massive profits. They raise their rates and raise your bill all while dismantling our retirement, diminishing our healthcare, and cutting back our workforce to squeeze every dollar they can out of us. Best of luck to the hard working men and women of Atlantic City Electric. Stand strong.

As we approach the Memorial Day Weekend. Join IBEW Local 94 as we pay tribute to the courageous men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

SIGNED MOU 2023-2027



2023 Food Drive

November 21, 2023|Categories: COMMUNITY|

For the 10th year IBEW Lu 94 made a donation to the Rise Pantry of Hightstown. This year’s donation was the largest to date which will provide food for approximately 600 local families. Thank you to the members who brought can goods or made donations which made today’s delivery possible.

Retirement of President/Business Manager Scott Campbell – Congratulations!

November 21, 2023|Categories: BUSINESS MANAGERS MESSAGE|

On behalf of the Staff, Officers, and members of Local 94, we wish Scott a long, happy, and healthy retirement. After being initiated into Local 2178 (Jersey City) in December of 1980, Scott during his 42 years of service and dedication to IBEW Local 94 and its members, held numerous elected and appointed positions. Those positions included: Steward Executive Board Business Agent Asst. Business [...]

Retirement of President/Business Manager Scott Campbell – Congratulations!

November 21, 2023|Categories: BUSINESS MANAGERS MESSAGE|

NJ AFL-CIO Labor Candiate Winners

November 21, 2023|Categories: POLITICAL ACTION|


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