President/Business Manager’s Report

We had a HCCC meeting yesterday, and the company is reporting that there will be a new vendor for the life insurance that we currently have. The new vendor is Securion, it will take effect on 4/1/22. There will be a special open enrollment for anyone active or retired, that will be allowed to make changes if they desire. If no changes need to be made, do nothing….you will receive a post card with information.

As part of the free COVID 19 test kits set up by the federal government, there will be 3 options:
1.) OTC may be picked at a network pharmacy with your prescription card free of charge –8 free per month
2.) You can order through Express Scripts website
3.) You can purchase online and will be reimbursed $12 per after submitting through ESI

Employee Central appears to be up and running after the crash that it experienced Last month. Now we are getting to the errors and should be all caught up within the next few weeks. On the vaccine front, OSHA has withdrawn its ETS regulation, let’s hope that’s the end of that debate.


Distribution North, Transmission, FMC Report

The underground has a new piece of equipment, it’s a deadfront MTS (manual transfer switch), we’re working on a switching and tagging procedure for it. It’s my understanding that Central Division is the only location these MTD’s are installed for now. There will have to be some training for the underground and operations groups once a process is complete. The Company will be bringing it up at the OWGs involved. So far, they’re doing the right thing with these new MTS’s. I’ve come across a few situations over the years where the Company brought in new equipment and didn’t let us know until it was crunch time. If anyone come across a situation like that, stop the job and call for the support you need. AMI is a fluid situation we’re waiting for them to get the project people onboard. There will be a lot of work for the meter departments for the duration of the project. There will be more to come.

Enjoy the weekend and as always, keep an eye on each other and watch each other’s backs.


Distribution South, Central Report

We are down to six qualified Service Dispatcher in Southern Division. We have been working on getting them some relief. In Central there was an incident with the flagger getting in a fight with a teenager. The Company sent out over payment correction notices just after the pay stub issue was resolved. We ask them to stop till we know that all issues we the pay stubs have been addressed. If you get a pay correction notice make sure that it is correct. Last month I reported that the Temp AMI employees would be on the property in March. Don’t think we will see any April.


Gas Department Message

There is an update coming to our current Tailboard process in Gas. New forms are going to be circulating around central division. The completed tailboard forms are going to be handed in at the end of the week, dropped in a dropbox for the safety councils to look over and look for safety trends and share any trends at all hands meetings.

Payroll issues are slowly starting to get corrected, if you get a letter in the mail that you were overpaid, make sure to check with the clerks and verify that it was in fact an overpayment. Kabotas are slowly starting to pop up in locations across Gas, they are going to continue to work out retrofitting existing Kabotas depending on the availability of the new JCB mini excavators.


Line Clearance Message

In Davey Tree we had a member terminated for walking off the job in the morning, his g.f told him he could leave when he finished his tree removal but another job
came up and was told he needed  to stay he  said he was told he could go when his job  was done and he’s leaving.

In NGGILBERT we had a  member terminated for having 4 right up’s the 4th  one was for not signing a tail board sheet we filed a grievance and will be giving it to or e-board to look at.

In Nelson Tree we filed a grievance for denying  a member his Bi-Annual Bump this to will be going to or  e-board to look at.


Fossil News

We will be meeting with LTS and Labor Relations to discuss the Fossil sale impacts to staffing and structure at the Lab. We have past history with the merging of groups as well as re-organizations that we will look to for guidance going forward. We are looking to address the movement of people in way that is consistent with all of our other moves throughout the years. We met today at Linden Cogen to discuss the calculation of the incentive bonus as well as the implementation of double time for the 12 hour shift members. We have a draft schedule that sets the double time days as fixed days in a schedule. The Fossil closing is still waiting on FERC approval. Once the approval is secured I am told that closing will be no more than a week or so after. Our members are working through some challenges enrolling in the benefits programs for CAMS.


Nuclear Report

• Ken Tyler NukeWorker 32 years of service
• Mike Halter Chief Hoist Operator 37 years of service
• Scott Krutz Nuclear Welder 40 years of service

Salem /Hope Creek
Bids for the new common Maintenance group went out. There was some initial confusion as a posting was put up for the Controls Chief Common. The bid list was combined so that anyone who bid the incorrect chief posting, or the correct controls postings would get offers.

Pay – There are a lot of pay issues being dealt with. If anyone is having a pay issue, please get copies of the pay stub and details of what hours are missed.