President/Business Manager’s Report

Fossil close of sale hasn’t been determined yet, all we know we’ve been saying all along is that it looks like sometime in Q1 2022. The company has signed an agreement with us that will add Juneteenth as a 14th paid Holiday beginning this year, and now will be part of the CBA going forward.

The Health and Welfare fund has been converted to a self-insured program and will be fully administered through IE Shaffer. Enrollment has begun and cards have been sent out, if there are any issues IE Shaffer will be the folks to address the concerns with going forward. The OSHA ETS was blocked by the Supreme Court, so we will wait and see if anything different develops from that.


Distribution South, Central Report

The Meter Techs did a great job with the AMI project exceeding the goal of 80,000 meters for the year. The New year will bring another challenge to the Meter department with the goal of 300,000 meters for this year. With this work being done by the division Meter Techs and the AMI project employees. The AMI employees should be starting sometime in March.


Gas Department Message

There was a foot injury in a northern gas shop. A mechanic was using a tunneling bar to make room in the hole to work when the bar ricocheted of a rock and
punctured his boot and his foot just behind the steel toe. This incident prompted a root cause and one of the recommendations coming out of the root cause was to get a Metatarsal guard that laces right into the boot. They should be in the storerooms shortly.

This incident also prompted the company into looking at our Gas tailboard sheets and are looking to overhaul the process in the upcoming weeks. More to come on the updated tailboard process.

We are hearing out of a few of the Gas shops that new hires are reaching out to Superior driving school to get a jump on the CDL license and being told that they cant train people who are unvaccinated. We have reached out to the head of UOS and he is going to get us an answer on what we are doing moving forward. If you are hearing about this in your shops, make sure to let the local stewards know.


Line Clearance Message

Asplundh Tree was not awarded any work on JCPL Property For 2022 they were awarded work on PSEG. NG Gilbert received the bulk of the work on JCPL property Nelson Tree and Davey Tree and Cut ABOVE VEGETATION Which bought out Jaflo Tree received the rest of the work.

In NG Gilbert Tree we had a member suspended For insubordination for the way he talked to his GF it was a good thing he recorded his conversation after playing It back to the company’s manager our member was made whole and his GF received 3 day’s off.

January Is your bump month if you want to move to a another Location let your GF know Also if you didn’t use all of Your 5 floating holidays the company owes you for the day’s you didn’t use.


Fossil News

We are awaiting a second meeting with LTS and Labor Relations for discussions about the Fossil sale impacts to staffing and structure at the Lab. We have past history with the merging of groups as well as re-organizations that we will look to for guidance going forward.

For Linden Cogen we are in the process of setting up meetings to discuss the calculation of the incentive bonus as well as the implementation of double time for the 12 hour shift members. As of this writing there is no firm date for the closing of the sale of the Fossil plants to Arclight Capital Partners. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FFERC) has identified multiple “deficiencies” with the sale application that need to be addressed before they can approve the sale. We will be watching the FERC website to see when they update their meeting docket for a better idea of a closing timeline.

We have signed a 1 year contract extension with Meridian Services, the property management company that operates the heat and hot water plant that supplies the Edna Mahan women’s correctional facility in Hunterdon County. The extension provided for a 2.75% raise, a one- day off with pay ratification bonus, the addition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Juneteenth as paid Holidays, and language securing the payment of unused accrued vacation upon separation as well as first right of refusal to operate the new equipment to be operated on site to replace the existing heat and hot water plant.


Nuclear Report

John Brennan retired from scheduling with 30 Years of service. Hal Wagner retired from Maintenance with 42 Years of service!

Salem /Hope Creek Update: Salem has been struggling with numerous Circ Water issues. We signed an agreement to form the Common Nuclear Services group postings and offers will be going out shortly.