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Nearly 250 heed New Jersey State AFL-CIO WILD conference’s call for community & workplace empowerment

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s 11th annual Women in Leadership Development (WILD) conference wrapped up this weekend with nearly 250 newly educated, empowered, and enthusiastic women headed back to their communities and workplaces to fortify the battle against gender inequality.

NJ AFL-CIO: Labor Secures Groundbreaking Legislative Victories

Yesterday's legislative session saw a series of major floor votes in the Senate and Assembly that place several labor-championed bills on the governor's desk for signature. It goes without saying that this progress was made possible by the persistent advocacy of organized labor, in some cases through multiple election cycles and legislative sessions.
Please find below a list of bills for which the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and its affiliates have led the charge along with respective vote totals.

Thoman Testifies Before Senate Committee

On January 25th IBEW Local 94 Business Manager Bud Thoman testified before the New Jersey State Senate Committee on Environment & Energy. In his testimony he talked about the importance of nuclear power, which generates 50% of the states power, and informed the committee that no matter the time of day, weather, or season, nuclear is always producing power and meeting the demands of the residents of New Jersey. He also reminded the committee that not only do these plants produce clean, green energy, but they also employ 750 workers, full time.

NJ AFL CIO Endorsements

IBEW Local 94 has worked with the NJ AFL-CIO and other local unions in New Jersey to come up with a list of candidates to endorse that are labor friendly. Thanks to the hard work of their Labor Candidate program, many of these candidates come from the ranks of unions throughout the state.

IBEW Local 94 Endorses Sen. Steve Sweeney’s Re-Election Bid

Bud Thoman, president and business manager of the 4,600-member Local Union 94 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, today endorsed Steve Sweeney’s re-election to the State Senate.

Speaking on behalf of the Local’s Political Education Committee, Thoman called Sweeney a powerful voice for labor with a record on behalf of working families that demands respect.

“Steve’s an ironworker,” Thoman said. “He’s never forgotten what it’s like to work – and work hard – for a living.

Why I'm Voting

The New Jersey Young Workers have begun a campaign to make sure that young workers from unions across the Garden State come out to vote this November.  Local 94's very own Joe Checkley has been chosen to star in one of theses ads.  Click on the video below to see why Joe is voting and make sure that you are

Register to Vote!

Register to vote, check your status, or update your registration in minutes. Remember the last day to register to vote is fast approaching:
  • In New Jersey it is October 18th
  • In Pennsylvania it is October 11th
Use the widget below to help make the process easier and answer any questions you might have.


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