Get Out and Vote on Tuesday

Friday, November 3, 2017

On Tuesday, voters across New Jersey will head to the polls to vote for a new Governor. After 8 years of Governor Chris Christie, we will finally have a new Governor. It is no secret that Christie was not very friendly to unions during his tenure, which makes your vote on Tuesday all the more important. I believe that we have the choice on Tuesday to elect a real friend to labor, Phil Murphy. He has reached out to the labor community and marched with us at the Plainfield Labor Day Parade. With Murphy in Trenton, we will have a Governor that works with us, not against us.

While it is important to elect Murphy, he will also need a labor-friendly legislature. Below I have included a list of the NJ AFL-CIO's endorsements, but I would like to call your attention to a few important races. First is Senator Sweeney in Senate District 3. Sweeney is both the Senate President and a union Ironworker. If you live in District 3 make sure you go out and vote for him. I would also like to call your attention to the 3 IBEW members who are running for re-election. They are Joseph Egan IBEW 456 at District 17, Wayne DeAngelo IBEW 269 at District 14, and Eric Houtaling IBEW 400 at District 11. If you live in their district's please make sure you vote for them.