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Celebrating a busy year and preparing for a big year to come

Greetings brothers and sisters. We hope everybody is enjoying their Holiday season no matter what you celebrate; this is a wonderful time of year. According to the National Center for Charitable Giving, Americans give $57 Million to charity during this time and I know that each and every single one of you is doing your part to be extra charitable this Holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving Local 94

During this time of Thanksgiving I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for. There are the most obvious things; my family, friends and my health, but there is another part of my life that I am thankful for, my co-workers. 
It is the members of Local 94 that make the union succeed. Without you there is NO union and NO strength. The past few years have been challenging for us, but we have been able to work together and in doing so we have accomplished great things together

Happy Labor Day to Local 94!

A Labor Day Message from Business Manager Bud Thoman
Summer's winding down. School's are opening back up and the last holiday of the season is right around the corner.
Labor Day isn't just a three-day weekend brought to you by the labor movement - it's a celebration of the people who make up that movement: us! From the very beginning, Labor Day was created to honor working people, our contributions to this country, and our political rights and achievements. Labor Day is a celebration of organized labor. 

Happy 4th / Gas System Modernization Hearings

The Gas System Modernization hearings came to a conclusion on the evening of June 15th. Like the 5 prior hearings, in attendance were over 70 IBEW Local 94 members showing their support for this filing. Local 94 went on record at the first June 8th hearing when I gave a lengthy testimony on the importance of this filing. Part of my testimony included the benefits to the public in reliability and safety, by replacing gas mains and services that have been prone to leaks.

Thank You from the NJ AFL-CIO

Dear Buddy,

We are extremely grateful for your support of the April 1, 2015, Common Sense Economics (CSE) workshop hosted by the Passaic County Central Labor Council and Passaic County YES. Your generous contribution not only made this event a success, but will also go a long way to supporting the growth of the young workers program in Passaic County.

A Good Year for our Local Union

Message from Business Manager Bud Thoman 
I hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with their families and friends. Looking back at 2014, it was a fairly successful year. The IBEW had their first member from the 3rd District, elected to Congress. Donald Norcross, Assistant Business Manager of IBEW Local 351 in Folsom NJ. Donald was recently elected in the 1st District of New Jersey. 


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