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Happy Thanksgiving Local 94

Thanksgiving is the time of year that we join together with our family and friends to share a hearty meal and appreciate the important things in life.  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our union family for all the work that you do. Our labor movement will always have battles to fight, but it is because of your dedication and persistence that we continue to forge forward.

Happy Labor Day /Parade CANCELED

The Labor Day weekend is here and it is more than just the symbolic end of summer. Labor Day is a day of reflection for all those that work and toil in America towards a better life. It is a hard fought victory for those who came before us and battled against injustices such as child labor, unsafe working conditions and wages that were too low to sustain a quality of life that all of us take for granted today.

Fighting for what is right and just

First join me in congratulating Joe Checkley, our Youth Committee Chair,  for being elected to our Local Union's Executive Board. Below you will find a few helpful ways to support our striking brothers and sisters over at Verizon who are now entering their 7th week. Also as you may have already heard, the state legislature is looking to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour and give unemployment benefits to striking workers.

Tentative Agreement reached with PSEG

We have some exciting news. After 5 months of negotiations, we have a 4 year tentative agreement with PSEG that will take us out to 2021. It calls for a 3% wage increase in each year of the 4 year agreement. Some adjustments were made with our Healthcare plan to avoid hitting the Excise Tax of 40% under the Affordable Care Act. Discussions on this tentative agreement will be held at all four Union meetings throughout the state during the month of March. A contract ratification vote is scheduled for March 24th at all work locations.

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Eighty-seven years ago today, a great American, humanitarian, and civil rights activist was born; Martin Luther King, Jr.  In his far-too-short life, the Reverend Dr. King appealed to the conscience of our nation, held our great country to its highest ideals, and challenged all of us to see, and treat, each other as brothers and sisters.  This weekend, as we honor Dr. King and the movement he came to represent, let us also recommit ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of his dream: a world of equality and justice for all.

Celebrating a busy year and preparing for a big year to come

Greetings brothers and sisters. We hope everybody is enjoying their Holiday season no matter what you celebrate; this is a wonderful time of year. According to the National Center for Charitable Giving, Americans give $57 Million to charity during this time and I know that each and every single one of you is doing your part to be extra charitable this Holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving Local 94

During this time of Thanksgiving I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for. There are the most obvious things; my family, friends and my health, but there is another part of my life that I am thankful for, my co-workers. 
It is the members of Local 94 that make the union succeed. Without you there is NO union and NO strength. The past few years have been challenging for us, but we have been able to work together and in doing so we have accomplished great things together

Happy Labor Day to Local 94!

A Labor Day Message from Business Manager Bud Thoman
Summer's winding down. School's are opening back up and the last holiday of the season is right around the corner.
Labor Day isn't just a three-day weekend brought to you by the labor movement - it's a celebration of the people who make up that movement: us! From the very beginning, Labor Day was created to honor working people, our contributions to this country, and our political rights and achievements. Labor Day is a celebration of organized labor. 


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