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Local 94 Takes Part in the 15th Annual WILD Conference

Over the weekends of March 2, IBEW 94 was proud to take part in the 15th Annual WILD Conference. The conference is for Women in Leadership Development and helps to promote women within our union movement. New Jersey is the only AFL-CIO state affiliate that holds a separate conference to help promote women. This year Dr. Gil Kirton and Dr. Geraldine Healy came all the way from the United Kingdom to speak about women's labor leadership in a post-Trump and post Brexit world. Below I have provided some more information on the conference as well as a picture of our members with Dr.

Happy Holidays Local 94

On behalf of everyone here at Local 94, we want to wish all of our members and their families a wonderful holiday season. We hope 2018 brings health, happiness, and prosperity to each and every one of you. As always, each year brings new challenges to the Local but we have learned when we work together we can achieve our goals. Welcome again to the new members at the Linden CoGen plant. We are excited to see what the new year holds for Local 94. 
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving Local 94

Thanksgiving is here again. There is no better time to think of the reasons why you are thankful over this long holiday weekend. As union members, there is a lot to be thankful for like our wages and benefits. We can also be thankful in knowing that thanks to our union and the solidarity of our friends and coworkers we will be working in a safe workplace that allows us to go home and see our families every night. As you sit with your family on Thursday, remember to give thanks for this hard earned privilege and remember that your family is why we fight.

Get Out and Vote on Tuesday

On Tuesday, voters across New Jersey will head to the polls to vote for a new Governor. After 8 years of Governor Chris Christie, we will finally have a new Governor. It is no secret that Christie was not very friendly to unions during his tenure, which makes your vote on Tuesday all the more important. I believe that we have the choice on Tuesday to elect a real friend to labor, Phil Murphy. He has reached out to the labor community and marched with us at the Plainfield Labor Day Parade. With Murphy in Trenton, we will have a Governor that works with us, not against us.

Happy Labor Day

This Monday, we celebrate you the worker. For one day every year, we thank the workers who work hard every day. At Local 94, we thank you for the hard work and professionalism that you show daily. While our work can be dangerous, you work hard to always meet and exceed the high standards that are set for you.  

Working Hard for You

While we are only two months into the new year, Local 94 has been extremely busy.  As you will read below, we won a major organizing campaign at Linden Cogen. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the 39 new members to our union.  This campaign took a lot of organizing from both within the union and within the workplace.  Great job to everyone involved.   We have also officially gotten our 2 Line Clearance Tree Trimmers contracts ratified. This is a 3 year agreement that provides a 3.3% increase for each year of the agreement.

Happy Holidays Local 94

Message from Business Manager Bud Thoman
2016 was a busy year for Local 94.  This year we settled a 4 year contract with PSEG as well as a 3 year contract with the Line Clearance Tree Contractors. These contracts will provide labor peace for our members for the next few years. 


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