Business Managers Message

Union Election Results

President/Business Manager

Buddy Thoman – Unopposed

Vice President

Jim Condon – Unopposed

Recording Secretary

Steve Spiese – Unopposed

Financial Secretary

Jim O’Leary – Unopposed


Charles Collick – Unopposed

Executive Board Members


Adam Neuman – Unopposed


Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is here once again. To many the holiday represents the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, but to us it's the day that we celebrate the workers. It is the day that we celebrate our ability to provide for our families and come home safely to them every day. It is also the day that we remember that these rights did not come easy, but rather through decades of struggle and bargaining.

Picnic Saturday

This Saturday, Local 94 and UWUA Local 601 will be holding our Annual Picnic at Frogbridge.  More information is listed below.

In August, we will be holding our union elections. On August 9th we will be accepting nominations for union offices. If you are interested in getting more active with our local, please consider running for one of these positions.

NJ Governor Signs Nuclear Bill

Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the nuclear subsidy bill into law. This ends a long 9 month fight to save our 3 nuclear power plants. By signing this bill, the Governor is saving 750 Local 94 members' jobs. Additionally, the bill will keep an estimated 5,800 people employed in the poorest county in the state.

Update on Nuclear Bill in State Senate

By now you have heard that the legislation intended to ensure continued operation of Salem I and II and Hope Creek stalled again in Trenton last Monday. The legislation, Senate Bill 877, would recognize the environmental and reliability benefits of nuclear and boost rates to allow fair competition. The bill is sponsored by our good friend, Senate President Steve Sweeney, whose district includes all of Salem County.

Local 94 Takes Part in the 15th Annual WILD Conference

Over the weekends of March 2, IBEW 94 was proud to take part in the 15th Annual WILD Conference. The conference is for Women in Leadership Development and helps to promote women within our union movement. New Jersey is the only AFL-CIO state affiliate that holds a separate conference to help promote women. This year Dr. Gil Kirton and Dr. Geraldine Healy came all the way from the United Kingdom to speak about women's labor leadership in a post-Trump and post Brexit world. Below I have provided some more information on the conference as well as a picture of our members with Dr.


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