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Happy Labor Day

This Monday, we celebrate you the worker. For one day every year, we thank the workers who work hard every day. At Local 94, we thank you for the hard work and professionalism that you show daily. While our work can be dangerous, you work hard to always meet and exceed the high standards that are set for you.  

Working Hard for You

While we are only two months into the new year, Local 94 has been extremely busy.  As you will read below, we won a major organizing campaign at Linden Cogen. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the 39 new members to our union.  This campaign took a lot of organizing from both within the union and within the workplace.  Great job to everyone involved.   We have also officially gotten our 2 Line Clearance Tree Trimmers contracts ratified. This is a 3 year agreement that provides a 3.3% increase for each year of the agreement.

Happy Holidays Local 94

Message from Business Manager Bud Thoman
2016 was a busy year for Local 94.  This year we settled a 4 year contract with PSEG as well as a 3 year contract with the Line Clearance Tree Contractors. These contracts will provide labor peace for our members for the next few years. 

Happy Thanksgiving Local 94

Thanksgiving is the time of year that we join together with our family and friends to share a hearty meal and appreciate the important things in life.  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our union family for all the work that you do. Our labor movement will always have battles to fight, but it is because of your dedication and persistence that we continue to forge forward.

Happy Labor Day /Parade CANCELED

The Labor Day weekend is here and it is more than just the symbolic end of summer. Labor Day is a day of reflection for all those that work and toil in America towards a better life. It is a hard fought victory for those who came before us and battled against injustices such as child labor, unsafe working conditions and wages that were too low to sustain a quality of life that all of us take for granted today.

Fighting for what is right and just

First join me in congratulating Joe Checkley, our Youth Committee Chair,  for being elected to our Local Union's Executive Board. Below you will find a few helpful ways to support our striking brothers and sisters over at Verizon who are now entering their 7th week. Also as you may have already heard, the state legislature is looking to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour and give unemployment benefits to striking workers.


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