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AFL-CIO Labor Council Scholarship Funds

We here at Local 94 are proud of our kids, especially when they tell us they want to further their education and attend college. Our children know we sacrifice so much to make a better life for them, and having their parent’s union provide some financial assistance for higher education is a great way for our kids to learn that organized labor is the true path to the middle class.

Welcome to our new website

As we hit the ground running in 2013 with our in-construction communications structure, I am excited to announce that the official "soft launch" of ibew94.org is here. We have all been working hard gathering emails, cell numbers, photos and feedback and we are almost done working out the bugs. We can think of no better day to launch our new and improved website as we honor our union and the legacy of the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

94 honors Dr. King

On January 21st we honor the life of famed American Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Few American's may know that Dr. King derived much of his morality and support from organized labor, and below is some interesting details on his life leading up to his assassination. 


IBEW National TV Commerical Ad Camoaign

In Fall 2012, the IBEW decided to invest in running a national ad campaign to promote awareness and the branding of the IBEW as leaders in our industry. Spots are running during NFL football games and during political talk shows on CNN just to name a few. No actors were used in these spots, all the ads were produced in-house by IBEW members. Check out both ads below. Good work! 


IBEW 320: Energy Giant's Financial Mismanagement Leaves Workers and Community On the Hook

Striking utility workers in New York State's Hudson River Valley agreed to return to work Dec. 14th, ending their five week walkout against Dynegy. But for the 60 Poughkeepsie Local 320 members who work at the Danskammer Generating Station - one of the two plants on strike - there won't be a job to return to. On Dec.

Young IBEW 94 Members meet

On December 14th at the Union Office in Hightstown, we hosted a Young Members Meeting. This was a meeting of members in their twenties and early thirties. Much information was discussed such as the dissemination of info, fact v. fiction on the pension and health plans, and ways to increase membership participation. A plan has been put in place to formalize the committee and hold another meeting in February 2012. Overall it was a productive meeting and follow up needs to happen to make considerable progress.


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