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Snow: Union Meeting rescheduled to Feb. 20th

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Due to the bad weather conditions, we have to cancel the Feb. 13th Union meeting. The new union meeting date is Thursday Feb. 20th, same time and place at the Hightstown Elks at 6pm. Please spread the word.

If you are working, please be alert and aware and follow all safety procedures.

Due to the bad weather, we have to cancel the Feb. 13th Union meeting.

The new date is Thursday Feb 20th, same time and place, Hightstown Elks at 6pm. Please spread the word and encourage your fellow Local 94 members to attend.

- See more at: http://ibew94.org/events/rescheduled-union-meeting#sthash.HzuYipZx.dpuf


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Check us out on Facebook

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Next Up Committee (Youth Caucus) suggested to the union leadership that we develop a facebook page assist the local in their communications efforts. After much discussion the Committee was able to show that facebook and social networks if developed properly are useful tools for the constructive dissemination of information and is something that would help take the local into the future. So please join your brothers and sisters and "LIKE" IBEW Local 94 on facebook. - Joe Checkley


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Feds Block State Plan to Use Customer Subsidies For New Power Plants

Monday, October 14, 2013

njspotligt.com   A federal court has struck down the state’s efforts to spur development of new power plants, a decision with potentially big implications for what electricity customers will pay on their future energy bills.

The ruling, handed down late Friday by U.S. District Court Judge Peter Sheridan in Trenton in a 67-page decision, may mean utility customers will not be on the hook for up to $3 billion in subsidies over the next 15 years to help three developers build new natural-gas fired plants.

If the decision stands, however, it deals a huge defeat to one of the Christie administration’s signature energy goals -- promoting the building of nearly 2,000 megawatts of new generation. Proponents argued that the plants, if built, would lower energy costs beyond what ratepayers would pay to subsidize the new units under a law enacted two years ago with broad bipartisan support.

New Jersey has some of the highest electric rates in the nation, a dubious distinction earned by congestion on the regional power grid, which tends to spike electricity costs, and the high prices paid to power suppliers to ensure there is enough capacity to keep the lights on in times of peak demand.

The decision is the latest twist in what has been a highly contentious and litigious battle between incumbent power suppliers, who brought the suit in federal court, and the state over its efforts to encourage new power plants to be built. New Jersey has been on the losing end in virtually all of the rulings.

Previously, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled against the state on a related, but not identical, issue that also impeded New Jersey's attempts to achieve its goal. The state’s efforts also have been opposed by PJM Interconnection, which oversees operation of the regional power grid.

In the ruing, Sheridan echoed the conclusion of another federal district court earlier this month on a similar effort by Maryland to encourage new power plants in that state. Both courts ruled that the states’ efforts are unconstitutional, saying they were attempts to supplant duties delegated to FERC in violation of the supremacy clause in the U.S. constitution.

PSEG Power, one of the incumbent suppliers involved in the court case, welcomed the decision.

“We’re pleased the court ruled in a manner that preserves competition in electricity markets,’’ said Michael Jennings, a spokesman for the company. “We believe that competition is the best approach for ensuring there is a sufficient supply of electric capacity to meet demand at the lowest cost.’’

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has long disputed that view. The agency has contends the current system of deciding what power plants are built in PJM favors incumbent suppliers to such an extent that it precludes new units from entering the market, which allows existing power plants to enjoy huge profits from providing needed capacity at times of peak demand.

A BPU spokesman declined to comment on the ruling, saying its lawyers were reviewing the decision. A spokesman for Competitive Power Ventures, a company awarded ratepayer subsidies by the BPU, also deferred comment on the same grounds. Neither NRG Energy nor Hess, both of which also were granted subsidies, replied to email messages over the holiday weekend for comment.

It is unclear what impact the court decision will have on those initiatives -- all part of what was dubbed the Long-term Capacity Pilot Project (LCAPP)- - but some industry observers have speculated that only the Hess project in Newark, a 625-megawatt facility, is certain to move forward without the subsidies.

“It’s a defeat for the LCAPP program, especially coming on the heels of the Maryland decision,’’ said Paul Patterson, an energy analyst with Glenrock Associates, who has followed the New Jersey issue closely.

Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club and a prominent critic of the program, praised the court’s decision, calling it a victory for common sense and clean energy.

“The subsidies given to the LCAPP plants are nothing different than the fossil-fuel version of pay-to-play,’’ he said.

The court decision comes at a time when the wholesale energy market -- involving those who supply electricity to states that have broken up electricity monopolies (as has New Jersey) has changed markedly since state lawmakers first began debating the law in 2011.

Historically low natural gas prices and tougher environmental regulations on coal-powered plants, which have forced many older, inefficient generating units into retirement, have led to a multitude of new natural gas plants being proposed, including one in New Jersey in West Deptford Township, without any ratepayer subsidies.

Nonetheless, advocates of the state approach to spur new generation were disappointed.

“We’re disappointed to see the law overturned,’’ said Hal Bozarth, executive director of the Chemistry Industry Council of New Jersey and a big supporter of the law passed by the Legislature. “We need additional capacity in New Jersey and new plants will reduce costs for our members and all ratepayers -- and that is a good thing.’’

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Introducing our official mascot: Chip the Badger

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
It is with great honor and privilege that we release to you "Chip the Badger," the official mascot of IBEW Local 94.  We presented this mascot to former Business Manager John "Chip" Gerrity last Friday and we plan on using the mascot on select communications materials and apparel. I want to personally thank UCOMM Communications for working closely with us in developing this artwork and we of course want to thank Chip for his 13 years of service as Business Manager and many years of service to our union. We felt that it would be the ultimate honor to name our mascot after Chip, and dedicate it in the loving memory of Chalie Wolfe, who introduced the Badger to our union.
- Buddy Thoman, Business Manager



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Labor Walks

Monday, September 23, 2013

Special thanks to all of you who have been doing the Labor Walks. The labor movement is counting on us to ensure that we elect Cory Booker to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, October 16th, and elect Barbara Buono as Governor, elect all endorsed Legislative candidates, 73 rank-and-file labor candidates, and pass ballot question #2 to raise the minimum wage on Tuesday, November 5th.  Every affiliated union is participating in labor walks between 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon. Walks are taking place in Willingboro, Maplewood, Wall, Trenton, Clifton, Egg Harbor Township, Bergen, North Brunswick and Cranford. Contact Frank Brennan at  (609) 647-6226 or frank {at} ibew94.org. Working together, we will win together!

Vote YES on ballot question #2 to raise the minimum wage!

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Labor Walks for 2013 Cycle

Monday, August 26, 2013

Labor Walks are upon us and our efforts are essential for success at the polls and we need all hands on deck. Every union is strongly encouraged to provide volunteers for labor walks every Saturday between 9 am to 12 noon as listed below. For more info please contact the CLC President or the Labor coordinator listed. - Charlie Wowkanech, President NJ AFL-CIO



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Barbara Buono to attend Union Meeting

Friday, August 2, 2013

94 UNION MEETING THURSDAY AUG. 8th 6:00 PM. If you have not yet heard, at the Thursday, August 8th union meeting NJ Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono will be our guest.  Join us while we have a frank conversation with Mrs. Buono on ways we can help stop Gov. Christie from hurting working people anymore. Please spread the word, we will see you then.

IBEW Local 94 Union Meeting
Thursday, August 8th at 6pm
Hightstown Elks, 110 Hickory Corner Rd.

Hightstown, New Jersey

Here are a few things we should know about Barbara; She was a sponsor of New Jersey's Family Leave legislation providing paid six week leave for birth or adoption, or to care for a  family member with a serious health condition. Workers can receive no more than two-thirds of their weekly pay up to the maximum weekly benefit of $524. She fought for the collective bargaining rights for firefighters, police officers and teachers when Christie was out to get them. She sponsored the most stringent Do Not Call legislation in the nation. Buono sponsored predatory lending laws to protect consumers and voted for Prevailing Wage on projects with financial assistance from BPU. She supported increasing funding for job training and increasing the minimum wage. Plus the Senator supports increasing funds for school capital projects and providing state funding for tax incentives for financial aid.  This makes college more affordable. As you can see from the chart below, her issues are our issues.  - Chip Gerrity, Business Manager


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Wounded Warrior Tank Pull

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On Sunday June 23rd, 20 members from Palisades Division Underground Department joined together to take part in a Tank Pull sponsored by the Clifton NJ Knights of Columbus to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The pull was the culmination of a month long fund raising effort by members of IBEW Local 94 to support this worthy cause. The 20 team members were joined by other brothers and sisters from the Local and family members. The local raised $8,600.00 of which 90% was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and 10% to local area veterans. In addition the
Pullin' Badgers
(our team name) came in first place with the fastest time for the pull and the Local came in second place on the donation list. We would like to thank all who were kind enough to make a donation. We would also like to recognize brothers Jeff Krill, Don Gregorowicz, Anthony Joyner and Justin Perdew for their outstanding effort.
- Carl Romao

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94 leads by example this July 4th

Thursday, July 4, 2013


This Thursday, we celebrate the birth of our nation. Some of us will be working, and some of us will gather around the barbeque with our family and friends. It is gratifying to see our kids waving American flags and sharing with us folklore of what they learned in school about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. There will be parades, fireworks, and God willing, some good weather to brighten our spirits as we celebrate the 4th of July. As members of the Local 94 IBEW, this holiday weekend also forces us to be mindful of what so many had to sacrifice for us to live in a free society. To our troops serving overseas, we think of them. To those who never made it back, we are forever grateful.  To our veterans who are sick and destitute, we are mindful of their plight. The members we lost whose families will be missing them this holiday, our thoughts and prayers are with them. To our neighbors in the community who have caught some bad breaks, we lend them our sympathies.  


This is the greatest nation on Earth, and we live in a fine community; a community worth fighting for, and protecting. So as members of this union, I ask that you be vocal to your friends and neighbors, and share with them the proud burden we carry, not just as good hardworking tax paying citizens, but as altruistic union members. Our value system is unique; it is an American higher calling. Both on and off the job, as members of Local 94, it is our job to battle the interest of corporate greed. We fought hard and continue lobby to pass a raise in the minimum wage. We participate in the free democratic process when we lobby the politicians in Trenton and Washington. DC. The struggle for dignity and respect continues at non-union shops everywhere when regular working people fight  for socio-economic justice for working people.


This is why our time with our families this 4th of July is so special. We hope that they understand and recognize that when you're not home, or at work, you're volunteering with your union to protect everybody's inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you brothers and sisters for being fine examples of what a good American should be. God bless us all at the IBEW and Local 94 and God bless America, the greatest country on Earth.    



Business Manager Chip Gerrity's  son-in-law CY SACK is in the service and just returned stateside and Business Agent Charlie Hassler niece KAREN HASSLER is currently serving in Afghanistan. The following are Local 94 members are are currently active in the United States Armed Forces. We think of them this July 4th and we are grateful for their service to this great country. If you have a loved one currently serving, please let us know by emailing us at carla@ibew94.org.












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