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2016 Monthly Meetings

Friday, January 8, 2016

General Meeting Dates

Hightstown Elks - Map
110 Hickory Corner RD.
Hightstown, NJ.

2nd Thursday of the Month  6PM
February 11th
April 14th
June 9th
July 14th
August 11th
October 13th
December 8th

Regular Meetings - Download PDF version

Northern: 1st Thursday- 5pm
VFW Hall - Map
222 River Road
North Arlington, NJ

January 8th
March 3rd
May  5th
September 1st
November 3rd


Central: 2nd Wednesday  5pm
American Legion
25 Brown Ave

Iselin, NJ

January 13th
March 9th
May 11th
September 14th
November 9th

Nuclear: 3rd Tuesday  4:30pm
VFW Hall - Map
171 S. Broadway
Pennsvìlle, NJ

January 19th
March 15th
May 17th
September 20th
November 15th


Southern: 3rd Wednesday 5 pm
Roma Club - Map
Lincoln Avenue
Burlington, NJ

January 20th
March 16th
May 18th
September 21th
November 16th



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Union Election Resume's

Thursday, August 20, 2015

As per our bylaws, we are conducting an election for delegates to the International Convention. Any member running may submit a resume of 100 words or less to the union office to be posted here on our website. 

Brothers and Sisters, it is an honor to be nominated as a delegate to the IBEW International Convention.  As a third generation IBEW member, I embody a strong sense of duty to the Local Union and its members.  I am in my 17th year with the union and serve as a Chief shop steward for Burlington Generating Station, as well as Chairperson for my local safety council.  As a benefits 2000 member, I serve as our NxtUp94’s recording secretary as well as the chairperson for the NJ State AFL-CIO’s Statewide Young Workers Advisory Committee. Fraternally -  Adam Neuman

Brothers and Sisters, I work in Nuclear as a Chief in the Electrical Department at Hope Creek. I have been a member of the Local for 31 years. During this time I have served as a Steward, Chief Steward, Executive Board Representative, and Delegate to the International Convention. I am currently the Chairman of the Executive Board. I work hard to serve our members across all lines of business and locations in matters including Safety, Training, Grievances and Negotiations. I would be honored if you would allow me to represent you as a Delegate to the International Convention. – Tony Griffith

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Large Turnout for Local Union Nominations Meeting

Friday, August 14, 2015

Last night’s Union meeting was well attended by the membership. In addition to the monthly meeting, it was also nominations for officers. The membership in attendance showed their support, as all incumbent officers and Executive Board members, successfully ran unopposed. Bud Thoman, President/Business Manager, thanked the membership in attendance for their continued support, and expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to represent the membership for 3 more years.

There will still be an election to determine the Delegates to the International Convention. Ballots will be in the mail to the membership within the week. The vote count for these positions will be September 14th, at 10am, at the office of the American Arbitration Association in Somerset.

Paul Lipyanek was appointed Judge of the election. Mike Downey and Rich Pagan were appointed Tellers for the election. Thanks once again for attending the meeting and for your participation in this democratic process.

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NJ AFL-CIO Holds 1st Young Worker Summit

Thursday, July 2, 2015
The first New Jersey State AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit held Monday, June 15, 2015, at Caesars Atlantic City was packed to capacity. Over 75 young workers from 29 local unions participated in the program, harnessing the opportunity to learn from each other, better understand the labor movement, and continue building the statewide young workers program. 
Click here
 for more photos.


Young workers will also make history today as a record number of young delegates take part in the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Legislative/COPE Endorsement Conference June 16 and 17, 2015. This is a valuable opportunity that will allow our young brothers and sisters to participate in the state labor movement's democratic process as never before.

Following the summit, we were honored to have national AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler meet and greet participants during our networking reception. Secretary-Treasurer Shuler has worked tirelessly with thousands of young workers across the nation to develop the young workers program. We at the State Federation are equally committed to cultivating the solidarity and leadership capacity of the next generation of union members.


"The young workers program will be a cornerstone in the New Jersey labor movement, and we are laying the groundwork for a lasting structure right now," stated New Jersey State AFL-CIO Young
Workers Advisory Committee Chair Adam Neuman. "This summit provided important and lasting lessons for our brothers and sisters working to grow and form their own young workers groups through their unions and Central Labor Councils."


"The participation in today's summit offers a glimpse into the huge potential of the young workers program in New Jersey that has already achieved so much," stated Passaic County Youth Engagement in Solidarity (YES) Chair Alicia Bruce. "Together, we will build a program that captures the imagination of young workers, serves as a model for our nation, and keeps the labor movement thriving for years to come."
Topics covered during the summit included labor history, legislative and political engagement, Common Sense Economics, and how to navigate the structure of the labor movement. This summit would not have been possible without the support of dozens of affiliate sponsors, who we graciously thank for their generosity and investment in the future of our labor movement. The work that we do today, is building towards a better tomorrow.
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Stand with UNITE HERE 54 at Wyndham Garden Hotel in Trenton

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is asking you to support our UNITE HERE 54 brothers and sisters, who have been negotiating in good faith and whose employer recently cut health care coverage for workers. This contract dispute is ongoing and HAS NOT been resolved.


Our brothers and sisters at UNITE HERE 54 report that the owner of the Wyndham Garden Hotel near the state Capitol in Trenton abruptly changed the conditions of employment for 53 employees last month. Hotel owner Edison Holding/Welcome Hotel Group LLC canceled health insurance benefits, quit paying for earned time off and began demanding that employees perform additional jobs for which they are not compensated. An unfair labor practice complaint has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board. These practices are continuing. We therefore remind our one million members and their families, our union allies and lawmakers keep this situation in mind when booking meetings and making travel arrangements. Please continue to stand with our UNITE HERE 54 brothers and sisters until this situation is resolved

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Training Our Future Leaders

Thursday, April 2, 2015

IBEW Local 94 sent Nick Gerrity, Adam Neuman, and Joe Checkley members of NXT Up 94 to Chicago for two conferences. The week kicked off with the 2015 AFL-CIO young worker summit. Topics of conversation ranged from leadership development to raising the minimum wage. The week concluded with the IBEW RENEW conference with discussions about the history of our unions, leadership and mentoring, and development of presenting and facilitating skills. The conferences brought 1400 young workers from the United States and Canada together to strengthen the labor movement.


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Support Jobs for Our Members

Thursday, April 2, 2015

On the last Friday in February, Public Service Electric & Gas company filed with the Jersey Board of Public Utilities a plan to spend $1.6 billion to modernize its aging natural-gas mains, which deliver fuel to its 1.9 million customers in the state. The new plan contemplates the following:

A total of $1.6 billion over 5-years to modernize our gas systems. The plan is seeking to invest $320M a year to accelerate the replacement of 170 miles of cast iron and unprotected steel gas mains, and more than 11,000 unprotected steel service lines to homes and business per year, over five years. The measure is expected to create 500 jobs. 

  •   The mains and service lines would be replaced with strong, durable plastic piping, which is much less likely to have leaks and release methane gas.
  •   The new elevated pressure systems also enable the installation of excess flow valves that make the system safer by automatically shutting off gas flow if a service line is damaged, and better support the use of high-efficiency appliances. 
  •   In addition, the utility would replace and relocate approximately 15,000 inside meter sets per year. The new outside meter sets facilitate greater accessibility in the event of an emergency and for required safety inspections, as well as support accurate meter reading.

 As you may already know, PSE&G operates and maintains the largest cast iron infrastructure in any one state in the country- more than 4,000 miles.  The upgrades would be spread out across the company's 11-county service area, but would be concentrated in urban areas.  The majority of the company's "legacy piping," some of which was originally installed in the late 1800s and early 1900s, is located in N.J. cities.

The proposal is a forward looking plan that will provide environmental benefits of reduced greenhouse gas emissions; fewer emergency repairs and the associated cost and disruption; and a positive impact on employment and NJ economy

  •   Low gas supply prices make this the ideal time to upgrade system. PSE&G continues to be the state's lowest-priced gas utility.
  •   Systematic, long-term replacement allows for greater economies of scale, less municipal disruption, and more efficient execution. 
  •   The plan requires BPU approval.

This filing, like the Energy Strong program means jobs, to our Local Union as well as the unemployed Union members throughout New Jersey. IBEW Local 94, along with UA Local 855 will be filing to participate in the hearings. We will be looking to all of our members to come out and actively support this filing at the public hearings as soon as the dates are set

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Youth Engagement in Solidarity Kicks Off in Passaic County‏

Thursday, February 5, 2015

In New Jersey, the Passaic County CLC is at the forefront of engaging and empowering our young union brothers and sisters through a program called Passaic County YES (Youth Engagement in Solidarity). The group which began meeting last year has an action packed agenda for 2015 that will focus on building grassroots solidarity among young workers and combining our strength with the broad labor movement to achieve progressive reforms.

The group met tonight at UFCW 1262 in Clifton, NJ and saw an outpouring of support from unions across the county including, CWA, IAM, IBEW, IUPAT, OPEIU, and UA. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to recognize Passaic County CLC President Juan Negron and Passaic County YES Chair Alicia Bruce from OPEIU 153 for their leadership and ongoing commitment to youth empowerment in Passaic County.

During the meeting, young workers had a lively discussion about the issues that matter to them, including higher education access and affordability as well as the ability to afford a home, raise a family, and save for retirement. These have been the bread and butter issues of the labor movement for generations, and young workers will be vital to ensuring that unions remain the driving force for unlocking economic opportunity and prosperity for all working families.

Passaic County YES has several events planned over the next few months including a Common Sense Economics workshop and a visit to the American Labor Museum. These events as well as other activities and insightful news will be posted to the Passaic County YES” Facebook pagewhich we encourage you to “like”.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is committed to supporting the creation of young workers groups across our state and views this as one of the most important investments we can make in the future of the labor movement. We once again praise our affiliates and young union brothers and sisters, who will make the success of these young workers programs possible.

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