Tonight, the Mercer County CLC and Mercer County YES hosted a Common Sense Economics workshop for over 30 young workers. On behalf of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Young Workers Advisory Committee, I’d like to thank the council for its leadership in promoting this valuable educational opportunity and power-building experience for young workers. I also thank all those young workers who took part in the program, for sharing their own experiences, and committing to build towards an economy that works for all.

New and recent entrants into the workforce are facing an economy that poses many daunting challenges. Unemployment among young workers is far above the national average, the cost of a college education and student loan debt are both rising exponentially, and the ability to save for retirement has never been more uncertain.

The Common Sense Economics workshop teaches participants that these conditions are not a matter of chance, but are rather the result of a coordinated political agenda. It is also essential to understand that by working together we can enact policies to level the economic playing field.
In addition to tonight’s Mercer County training, young workers groups around our state will continue to organize more Common Sense Economics workshops in order to educate our union brothers and sisters and community allies about the forces influencing our economy and how to bring about change.

Beyond education, we are continuing to recruit new members and allies to grow the young workers program across our state. Together, we will mobilize to fight on behalf of social and economic justice and cultivate the solidarity and energy of young workers as never before. The endurance of our labor movement depends on the full participation of its members and community allies as well as their ability to pass on our middle-class union values to future generations.
If you or any young workers that you know would like to become involved please e-mail me at Thank you as always for your continued support in growing the young workers program and ensuring the advancement of this vital mission.

Adam Neuman, Chair
New Jersey State AFL-CIO
Young Workers Advisory Committee

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