Donald Trump may be trying to pull the wool over voters' eyes when he claims to support working people, but as all of us know, actions speak louder than words.

Trump the Union Buster - For the past 18 months, the Trump International Hotel has waged an anti-union campaign in response to an organizing drive by workers. The effort to quash the union has led the National Labor Relations Board to issue a complaint against the Trump Hotel, alleging that the hotel fired union supporters and interrogated and intimidated employees (Alternet, 09/16/16).Read Here
Trump Crosses the Picket Line - Twelve years ago Donald Trump crossed the IATSE picket line of "The Apprentice," where crew members of his reality TV show were speaking up together to get paid fairly for the work they did on the show (IATSE, 09/15/16). Read Here
Trump "Loves" Right to Work (For Less) - Trump made comments to South Carolina Radio Network on February 17, 2016 including the following: ""My position on unions is fine, but I like right to work. My position on right to work is 100 percent." Listen Here
Experience Matters - The IBEW and the AFL-CIO release videos about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's records of working with or against organized labor.  Read Here


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