With plant closures looming, New Jersey’s customers, workers and environment are all at risk!

Tell your legislator to vote YES on S2313/A-3724 to create a safety net for NJ’s nuclear power plants - the Zero Emission Certificate Program!

Please Contact Your Legislator TODAY, Tuesday, April 10th by clicking http://action.njneedsnuclear.com/ and lend your support!

This legislation will save thousands of union jobs and incentivize investment in energy infrastructure; creating work for IBEW members.  But we must act NOW.

As IBEW leaders, we are supporting  S2313/A3724 on Thursday because it protects the  Salem and Hope Creek nuclear plants – that generate nearly 50% of all of NJ’s electricity, support 5,800 jobs and ensure access to reliable, affordable and clean energy for NJ -  from closure.  

Please don’t forget to click here http://action.njneedsnuclear.com/ and Tell your legislator to vote YES on S2313/A3724!

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