This Saturday, Local 94 and UWUA Local 601 will be holding our Annual Picnic at Frogbridge.  More information is listed below.

In August, we will be holding our union elections. On August 9th we will be accepting nominations for union offices. If you are interested in getting more active with our local, please consider running for one of these positions.

The hearings on the "rate case", which the company is obligated to file with the state BPU, have started. I testified at the first hearing last month saying the utility should be allowed to recover costs associated with providing a safe, reliable electric and gas distribution system.  In addition, the company is filing for the 2nd round of Energy Strong. That filing will be discussed at the monthly meeting of the Board of Public Utilities.  


Governor Murphy is looking to make a change in the state energy policy with offshore wind. The BPU has hired a consultant to help it develop a strategic plan for offshore wind (Murphy wants 3,500 MW by 2030) and will hold a public hearing to take comments on a first phase where it will solicit projects for 1,100 MW. We will continue to monitor these changes to ensure that new energy jobs go to IBEW members and that they don't hurt our members.

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