Labor Day is here once again. To many the holiday represents the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, but to us it's the day that we celebrate the workers. It is the day that we celebrate our ability to provide for our families and come home safely to them every day. It is also the day that we remember that these rights did not come easy, but rather through decades of struggle and bargaining. These rights came from workers uniting together, forming unions, and telling their bosses that they would no longer accept low wages, dangerous working conditions, and demanded that they be treated with dignity and respect.

Our own union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, was formed because electrical companies were hiring unskilled workers to erect power lines and paying them just 15-20 cents an hour. They were forced to work for 12 hour days and the mortality rate was exceptionally high. These are conditions that we never could imagine and that is thanks to unions like the IBEW.

This Labor Day, enjoy time with your family and friends, you earned it, but also take a moment to remember the meaning behind the holiday. Explain to your children why we celebrate Labor Day and the importance of continuing to have strong unions fighting and advocating for their future. Happy Labor Day!

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