All seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are up for election in three weeks. The nonpartisan organization FairVote has found that only 10% of the 435 seats are competitive. Why? Because of unfair congressional map drawing known as redistricting or gerrymandering.
With your support, we can take important steps toward a fair system of representation. This year is our chance to get the process out of the hands of those who have been successful at decimating worker protections, such as, Prevailing Wage laws and implementing policies that harm working families, such as, Right to Work laws. Many of those who will be instrumental in the redistricting process are state-level representatives who will be elected this November.
For your convenience, the IBEW has set up a web page with tools that include the following links:
A video explaining the redistricting process
  An Electrical Worker article explaining the recent history and impact redistricting has had on working families
  Interactive links detailing each state's redistricting process
  Shareable social media graphic
  Sample letter to the editor
This is an important nonpartisan topic and one of the many reasons it is so important they vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. -Lonnie Stephenson IBEW President.


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