On November 6th, IBEW members from across the Country will be heading to the polls to determine our future. Here in New Jersey, we have a number of important races that will decide that future. Below I have provided some information on the endorsements that the NJ AFL-CIO has made. I urge all of our members to take a good look at each of these candidates. They were chosen because they support unions and our way of life. They were chosen because they will fight for us in DC and Trenton. They will fight against things like a national Right to Work law for private sector employees, they will fight against cuts to OSHA and they will fight to protect our jobs as the state and federal governments make changes to energy policy.

Check our site for a message from IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson. This message has been sent out to IBEW locals from across the country and the unions effort to increase political participation among our members. They have provided a number of resources explaining why it is so important to vote in this election. I hope that all of our members will do their civic duty on Tuesday November 6th and vote.


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