Warm, summer greetings, from all of us here at IBEW Local 94! School is out and many of you are taking advantage of this great weather to go on vacation, head to the beach or just get away from the hustle and bustle of work for a few weeks. I hope that everyone has a great summer with their kids, family, and friends. 

In my last update, I had the displeasure of having to report a fatality, of one of
our members, John A. Nestor, Substation Operator, Southern Division. With all the training, qualifications, and 30 years of experience on the job, this extremely unfortunate accident still occurred. This awful accident should be a constant reminder to ourselves, and each other, of the potential hazards we are exposed to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to construct and maintain the energy infrastructure in New Jersey. We continue to keep his family in our daily thoughts and prayers.

I am very pleased to report the BPU ruled, by a 4-1 vote, in favor of the Zero Emissions Credit, or ZEC. The approval of this ZEC ensures the continued operation of our nuclear units, providing nearly half of New Jersey's electricity, more than 90% of the carbon-free electricity, and preserving the thousands of jobs it provides in our local union and throughout the state. This was all accomplished by a combined effort from organized labor and business, throughout our state. In addition, we had support in Trenton, from the politicians that we have been supporting with our PEC fund. This is a perfect example of why we have a Political Action Fund, and why ALL of our members should consider contributing to it. I also want to thank all of our members that took the time to come to the hearings in Trenton and support our successful efforts in achieving this milestone moment.

Energy Strong II is proving to be more difficult than expected, as settlement discussions were unsuccessful, and has now gone to hearings. We had hoped the $2.5 billion filing would have been completed by July 1st, as this filing will create a tremendous amount of work for our local union and many others, as well as strengthening our infrastructure and reducing the interruptions of electricity. Our local union will continue to support this filing in Trenton and hopefully have a successful settlement soon.

I am happy to report on two recent, but separate, arbitration awards. Both cases were based on employee conduct and following an Ethics and Compliance investigation the company discharged both employee's. Our local union filed for arbitration, had two separate arbitration hearings, with two different arbitrators, and I am happy to report that both members are being reinstated, with full back pay, credited service and seniority, and benefits, as if they never left.

In addition to the renewal of our contract with Horizon, for our Health and Welfare Fund, for our Line Clearance Tree Trimmers, we have 3 contracts that we will be renegotiating by the end of this year. Our Line Clearance Tree Trimmer contracts on PSE&G property, and JCP&L property. Our NAES contract for the Linden Co-Generating facility. And our contract with Waste Recycle Services.

Make sure to Save the Date as our local union will be walking in the Labor Day parade this year. Any members that are interested in walking in the parade should let their shop steward know or contact the local union office for more details.

Enjoy your summer and have fun doing it, the IBEW way, SAFELY.

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