Message from the Business Manager

ImageWe are excited to announce that we have decided to improve our unions communications and have a series of new communication tools planned. The first is this email we are calling The Badger. We will be sending this email to the membership with upcoming events and political action. We will report on our charity work and remind you of meetings and of vital safety procedures. We are in the process of building our email list so please send your personal email and cell phone number to Carla at or sign up for it right here on the newsletter page on


We will also be sending you on occasion blast text messages. Having the technology in place to blast out quick text messages will keep you in the loop.  As you can see our new website has a photo gallery, high resolution graphic banner images, a video gallery, social networking links and buttons, RSS news feeds, newsletter submission forms, upcoming events listings, recent news updates, and an easy to use navigation menu bar. The features of the old website that you liked is merged into this new website. We are also developing the site to be mobile friendly so all the important information that you need will be viewable with ease on your smartphones. With this, we developed a shortcut like mobile app for you tech junkies out there. We will be releasing this feature to soon.


Make sure you get your fellow Local 94 members who do not receive The Badger email to contact the union office or their union steward with their email and cell number or encourage them to sign up right here on
I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming union meetings, be proud to be union and be safe out there.
Buddy Thoman
Business Manager