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  • Local 94 Elects their 2nd Young Worker to the Executive Board

    Oct 25, 2016/Business Managers Message

    At the October Executive Board meeting, the board unanimously selected Adam Neuman to join the board. The vacancy was created when Bruce Johnson, a 38-year veteran of our union, announced his retirement. Bruce...

  • UCOMM Blog: Union Sweet Tooth

    Oct 24, 2016/94 News

    We'll all be buried in a mountain of candy displays over the next month or so, but never fear! Labor 411 has made the choice easy with its annual Union-Made Candy Guide. Although, with more than 40 options for...

  • Register to Vote!

    Oct 11, 2016/Political Action

    Register to vote, check your status, or update your registration in minutes. Remember the last day to register to vote is fast approaching: In New Jersey it is October 18thIn Pennsylvania it is October 11thUse the...

  • Make your voice heard

    Oct 11, 2016/Business Managers Message

    With only a few weeks left before the election, we are at a crossroads as a labor movement.  Not only is there an important election for President, but we also have very important Congressional races that will...

  • NJ AFL-CIO LAbor Walks

    Oct 10, 2016/Political Action

    Join the NJ AFL-CIO for labor walks every Saturday through Election Day or locate a phone bank near you. CLICK HERE for a list of labor walk staging locations and CLC contacts, who can provide information on their phone...

  • The Real Donald Trump

    Oct 09, 2016/Political Action

    Donald Trump may be trying to pull the wool over voters' eyes when he claims to support working people, but as all of us know, actions speak louder than words. Trump the Union Buster - For the past 18 months,...

  • NJ Assembly extends unemployment to striking workers

    Oct 08, 2016/94 News

    The New Jersey state Assembly passed a bill last week to allow striking workers to collect unemployment benefits, sending the legislation to Republican Gov. Chris Christie's desk, writes NJ.com's Samantha Marcus...

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From the AFL-CIO

Carrier Case Shows Why Rep. Young Is Bad for Indiana
13 hours 43 min - A new video from AFSCME People takes a look at the damage done to real working people when the Carrier Corp. shipped...
Union-Made in America Halloween Candy Shopping List
2 days 14 hours - If you want your Halloween to be all treats and no tricks, make sure all your candy is union-made in America. The Los...

's From the IBEW

Protesting at grand opening of Trump Old Post Office hotel in solidarity with Las Vegas hotel workers https://t.co/ECeb0uFGLz 13 hours 10 min ago
Win a free elk hunt from @UnionSportsmen and @Carhatt https://t.co/CXW7SdQLad 17 hours 23 min ago